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Wednesday 6 May

10.30am: Make & Make Believe: Doctors

At the moment staying healthy is our first priority, and today we will be learning all about the doctors, nurses and other helpers who will look after us and our families if we need it. As we make-believe that we are doctors, we will be checking our teddy’s body parts to find out what’s wrong and seeing how we can make them feel all better.

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3pm Story-time: 

Little Cloud




by Anne Booth & Sarah Massini

Today we meet a little white cloud who drifts through the sky, changing into many different shapes to the delight of those who spot him. But when he becomes heavier with rain, he wonders if people will still love him… The beautiful watercolour illustrations in this book highlight the gentle message that even though we may change over time, we are always very important to the people we love.


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