Wednesday 22 April

10.30am: Mini Musicians: Science of Music

Today’s class is a musical journey of discovery as we learn about the science behind sound and how we use it to make music. We will be talking about pitch and tempo and making some good vibrations of our own to accompany some great tunes!

Join us on YouTube at 10.30

What you'll need

  • Triangle, drum, or anything robust that you can hit to make a vibration!


Afterwards, why not download our recipe card to cook up a savoury cake as green as the Emerald City, packed full of nutritious veggies! This is a great follow-up activity to do at home together - talk about each different ingredient as you go and give them a taste if you haven't before!

3pm Story-time: 

Mister Magnolia





by Quentin Blake

Mister Magnolia is a hilarious rhyming classic about a quirky character and his life filled with fun and noise – but he’s missing one very important item! Little ones will love saying the rhymes aloud and even coming up with new rhymes of their own – see how silly you can make them!



Join us on YouTube at 3pm