Wednesday 1 April

10.30am: Messy Masters Art: Arman

Today we are exploring the works of French-born American artist Arman, who is best-known for his ‘accumulation’ projects, where he collected lots of the same everyday objects to make into artworks. Inspired by his work ‘Long-Term Parking,’ in which he encased 60 real-life cars in concrete, we are going to be mixing up some salt dough for a sensory experience and using our toys to create our own version! 

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What you'll need

  • Flour - 1 cup

  • Sand/soil/coffee grounds (for sensory texture)

  • Salt - 1/2 cup

  • Water - 1/2 cup

  • Bowl for mixing Spoon Small, shallow box (a shoebox lid or similar)

  • Small toys (cars, Lego, marbles or bouncy balls – anything you don’t mind being stuck into salt dough!)

  • Mark-making sheets (download them here)

    To prepare:

  • Print out your mark-making sheets and gather your mark-making tools!

  • Talk to your little ones about the Arman artwork and what they can see, then encourage them to make their own marks on the page.        

I Spy Art Arman mark making thumbnail.jp


Afterwards, why not download our recipe card to cook up a savoury cake as green as the Emerald City, packed full of nutritious veggies! This is a great follow-up activity to do at home together - talk about each different ingredient as you go and give them a taste if you haven't before!

3pm Story-time: 

The Most Magnificent Thing 




by Ashley Spires 
Just like Arman, the little girl in today’s story likes to make things from the everyday items she finds, but when she can’t make the perfect thing she gets very cross! This quirky tale helps introduce little ones to the idea that creativity is often a process of trial and error and that it’s ok to make mistakes – we just have to persevere.   

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