Wednesday 13 May

10.30am: Make & Make Believe: Little Lion King Adventure

Roars at the ready – in today’s make-believe adventure we will be joining the pride and exploring the Pride Lands, practicing how to move and make lots of noise, just like lions!

Join us on YouTube at 10.30


3pm Story-time: 

Small World




by Ishta Mercurio & Jen Corace
Today’s story shows little ones how our world grows with us, expanding as we get bigger and get to know more about the people and places around us. We love that this innovative book highlights the geometric shapes and patterns found in nature and in man-made structures – a great conversation-starter for you to see how many shapes and patterns you can see in your own home and neighbourhood, and inspiration for little ones to remain curious in their everyday lives.


Join us on YouTube at 3pm

  • A teddy bear

What you'll need