Tuesday 7 April

10.30am: Music

Easter Parade 





Today’s is a celebratory music class as we join the Easter Parade! Our theme will be all things Easter – bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs – as we sing and play along to some super sweet tunes.

Join us on YouTube at 10.30

What you'll need

  • Stick bells (or anything with bells on or in!)

  • Güiro (if you have one)

  • Bunny ears or Easter bonnet.       


Afterwards, why not download our recipe card to cook up a savoury cake as green as the Emerald City, packed full of nutritious veggies! This is a great follow-up activity to do at home together - talk about each different ingredient as you go and give them a taste if you haven't before!

3pm Story-time: 

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love




One of our absolute favourites for little ones, this joyful picture book tells the story of what happens when Julian sees 3 ladies dressed in beautiful bright colours and billowing fabrics, and thinks they look just like mermaids! We love the way Julian finds things around the house to make his own beautiful mermaid costume – what can you and your little one find in your home to dress up in? Why not hold your own parade in your costumes?

Join us on YouTube at 3pm