Thursday 9 April

10.30am: Art: Funky Faberge Eggs

Today’s class is full of colour and sparkle as we decorate eggs inspired by the Russian artist Faberge. Faberge’s eggs were famous for being beautifully crafted in gold and covered in precious jewels, but we can decorate ours however we choose in this creative class.

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What you'll need

  • 1 balloon

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Newspaper

  • Magazine or tissue paper

  • Selection of different coloured paints

  • Decorative materials (jewels, sequins, ribbons, stickers, tissue paper, foil... whatever you have handy!

    To prepare:

  • Make your paper mache egg ahead of the class so that it has plenty of time to dry before you decorate it!

Cook up a book Wizard of Oz character A4


3pm Story-time 

Would You Rather

by John Burningham

Today’s story encourages little ones to have confidence in expressing their opinions in a lively, silly way. We love the quirky illustrations and the outlandish questions – and we think it’s perfect for all ages, even grown-ups! What funny would-you-rathers can you come up with together?

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