Thursday 2 April

10.30am: Mini Musicians: I Can Sing a Rainbow

Bringing some much-needed colour into our days, our music class today celebrates all the colours of the rainbow! We’ll be spotting and naming all the colours we can see and singing and playing along to our favourite colourful tunes. 

Join us on YouTube at 10.30


Afterwards, why not download our recipe card to cook up a savoury cake as green as the Emerald City, packed full of nutritious veggies! This is a great follow-up activity to do at home together - talk about each different ingredient as you go and give them a taste if you haven't before!

3pm Story-time: 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar




by Eric Carle

Today we are celebrating colour by reading this classic tale by Eric Carle. This beautiful book is packed full of colour, including the colourful food that the caterpillar eats and the colourful butterfly he turns into! Why not extend the activity after the story by seeing all the colours you can spot at home, or doing a treasure hunt to find something of each colour?  

Join us on YouTube at 3pm