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Your lockdown stress band-aid

Half term is over, we're facing lockdown again and the kids are back at school, for now anyway. Hopefully you will have had a magical week together, maybe not on a sunny beach a plane ride away, but at least conjuring up some brilliant play inventions, or just sharing in their wonderful imaginative story telling world. Just in case you finished the week with a stiff neck, and shoulders edging up towards your ears, we have the ever-calming influence of Louise Rogers back with some swift but very effective help if you can spare five mins...

Louise, is an experienced yoga teacher who specialises in pre and post natal yoga as well as menopause. But whether you come into any of those categories or not, some safe and gentle shoulder and neck stretches are only going to bring you closer to a place of peace and calm.

We'll be bringing more essential ways to relax and get grounded, but until then to find out more about Louise visit her website, or follow her on instagram @louiserogersyoga

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