• gigi eligoloff

Your 3 minute oxygen mask

Updated: Mar 4

It's October and we're all suddenly vulnerable to yet another new normal, otherwise known as the tracks of my tiers... And while we do our best to balance carefully on these shifting sands, we also need to remember to take care of ourselves, so we can continue the amazing job we're already doing - that of taking care of everyone else. That's why we have asked our favourite wise yoga teacher, Louise Rogers to create a series of self-care short videos to support us all in the everyday art of paddling furiously upstream with ducklings, friends, parents and anyone else else who needs us, in tow.

Louise, is an experienced yoga teacher who specialises in pre and post natal yoga as well as menopause. But whether you come into any of those categories or not, studies have demonstrated the magical effects of breath on the nervous system.

We'll be bringing more essential ways to relax and get grounded, but until then to find out more about Louise visit her website, or follow her on instagram @louiserogersyoga

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