Why a villa could be the ideal solution for your first post-lockdown family holiday

After months of lockdown, most of us are keen to book a well-deserved break. Planning a holiday is usually a liberating and carefree activity, but with Coronavirus still very much on our minds, we’re having to think a little differently. With travel restrictions, the world is no longer our oyster, and choosing accommodation is not just a matter of personal preference anymore.

With social distancing and your family’s safety in mind, a private villa might just well be the perfect option for our next holiday. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Privacy

By their very nature, villas are private and you’ll never have to share facilities with other guests: everything – from the pool to the kitchen and from the pizza oven to the table tennis table - is yours and yours alone.

2. A home from home

Choose the right villa and you’ll spend your holiday in a welcoming, characterful and personal environment where you can make yourself at home. Staying in a villa can also be an educational experience for children, as they learn how people in other countries live and how houses are different.

3. Space

With a villa, you’re not just renting bedrooms as you would in a hotel, but also a comparatively huge amount of space, both indoors and out. Extensive private gardens mean that there is plenty of room for fun and games – an essential feature if you have several children in your group.

4. Rooming

Hotels can be challenging for parents travelling with children – rooming arrangements are not always ideal and there’s no private “out-of-bedroom” space in which to spend time together. With a villa, everyone can have their own bedroom (and bathroom if desired) and no one wants for personal space or feels cut off.

5. Value for money

There are significant economic advantages to renting a villa, both in terms of price per bedroom and the overall price for the space, the privacy and the amenities you get. And when it comes to food and drink, by choosing a villa you can also avoid spending €5 - €10 at the hotel bar or beach club every time someone wants a coke, a packet of crisps or an ice-cream. At a villa, you can stock your own fridge for a fraction of the price, making snacks, refreshments and overall food bills significantly cheaper.

6. Freedom

Staying in a villa gives you freedom. The kids can play without fear of disturbing others, and you can play your music (your choice of music!) at whatever volume you like. At a villa, the bar never closes and the fridge is always open. You can cook and eat whatever and whenever you like - you’re not constrained by restaurant opening hours or by limited menu choices – and if you don't want to dress up for dinner or get up for breakfast between 8am and 10am, no problem. The villa is yours so you call the shots.

7. As much service as you need

Companies such as The Thinking Traveller, which was voted the World’s #1 Villa Rental Company by readers of Condé Nast Traveller, can arrange a whole host of pampering extras to make your life a doddle: think daily maid service, in-villa chefs, wine and hamper deliveries, and babysitters.

8. Family routines

For families with young children, villas are great when it comes routines. At the end of the day, for example, supper, bathing, and bedtime routines can be maintained. And once the little ones are tucked in, mum and dad can relax in spacious, private surroundings.

9. Choice

If you opt for a villa holiday, you’ll have an endless variety of properties to choose from. No matter your preferences (or those of your kids!), you’ll be able to choose the perfect location, architectural style, size, views, amenities, pool, and décor for your family’s needs and preferences.

10. Sustainability

Villas can be a great choice for those who wish to travel sustainably. As Rossella Beaugié, co-founder of The Thinking Traveller, explains, “Most of our villas have great ecological credentials, including solar panels for hot water and electricity, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting systems, and organic vegetable gardens that supply guests with 0km ingredients." Such elements will please any budding eco-warriors in the family.

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