• gigi eligoloff

Welcome to the Motherload

Following on from Mother's Day, the day where everyone in your family drops everything and recognizes the monumental sacrifices, tasks, dreams, hopes and hustling mothers do for their loved ones, we wanted to share some everyday stories gathered from working mothers by our friends at Telly Mums Network. Using the hashtag #AllBeforeWork they asked their members what jobs do you do before you 'start your paid job'?

The answers won't just make you feel a bit weary, they will also make you a little weepy, making you stand back and perhaps see from the view of a martian landing and observing gender roles - how mothers drive ourselves so very hard making everything work. We're up at the crack of dawn - wiping tears, bums, faces, surfaces, floors (and ceilings). We scour the internet all day and all night, bashing out emails and phone calls to find nurseries, jobs, childminders, schools, tutors, ballet classes, football nets, trampolines, holidays, family cars, weekend breaks, family holidays... the list doesn't ever end. So without further fanfare (although if we had a wind section...) here's a random slice of extraordinary pre-work list of the motherload.