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We need to talk about the older children...a moment with Childline

As we emerge out of lockdown over the coming weeks and months, we wanted to take a moment to stop and consider what our older children are thinking about, and what lockdown may have meant for them.

Here at Maggie & Rose Life, we've been creating wellbeing support for parents of younger children since March 2020, and you can access many of our videos and posts here. But often with families of older children, it can be an even bigger challenge to get them to talk about their feelings.

Many teens are understandably desperate to get back to school and college, to see their friends (and get away from their parents of course!). But, there will be some who have been battling with worries that we may not even have been aware of. To get an idea of the kinds of issues that older children might be battling with, we approached Childline, the telephone counselling service run by the NSPCC which supports children and young people in the UK. We wanted to know what kind of calls they have been receiving from Secondary school aged children during the pandemic, and what we can do as parents if we are worried about our child.

Wendy Robinson, Childline Service Head: “The Coronavirus pandemic has turned children’s lives upside down and many are struggling with the challenges that it has posed.

Some have found home learning difficult whilst others are missing their family and friends, some are worried about catching the virus and for others it has had a devastating impact on their mental health".

Here are the calls that Childline agreed to share with us: