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Until we meet again box: the perfect homemade gift for grandparents

Whichever tier you are in this Christmas, seeing the usual rounds of friends and family just won't be possible for everyone this year. So we've created a playlist of video craft classes to show you how to help your children make some creative homemade gifts for their loved ones. Because although we may not be able to be together this Christmas, we're thinking of them lots, and can't wait 'until we meet again'. It's a wonderful activity to do with your children, and relatives far and wide will love opening up their unexpected box of festive surprises.

The last date for UK mail is Monday 21st December for first class, but if you're not far, this is a lovely gift to leave on their doorstep too!

Step 1: Make your 'Until We Meet Again' box

Age 2+ (younger children will need assistance)


Box (a shoe box is perfect)

Tissue paper or torn magazines.

Glue & water mix



Drawing materials

You have your box, now it's time to make some wonderful gifts to put inside!

Step 2: Make your no water personalised Snow globe

Age 2+ (younger children will need assistance)


A small photo of your little one (to go in globe)

A jam jar

Salt dough (1 part salt, 1 part water, 2 parts flour)

Decorative items to build your snow globe scene


White paper


If you need a reminder, you can watch our salt dough 'how to' video here

Step 3: Pop up Christmas card

AGE 2+ (younger children will need assistance)


A4 card

Green, yellow & brown paper



Decorative items

Maggie & Rose downloadable

Step 4: Paper Roses bouquet

AGE: 3+


Green paper

Clear tape

Tissue paper

Raffia or ribbon

Step 5: Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

AGE: 2+






Decorative materials


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