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Three things we're talking about in Parent-land this week

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Every Monday we're going to taking a look at the global world of parenting. We will be looking at new books, research, and stories that can help us grown as individuals who happen to raising children (along with lots of other fun tasks and challenges) Our goal is to provide you with a snapshot curation of what's happening in the messiest sport around, the life and times of people who live in 'Parent-land'. And please know that by 'parent' we include guardians, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and anyone else who regularly steps up to the plate for a child.

1 The app that calms tantrums

What if your magic little smart phone got really smart and was able to fix your parenting problems with one flick of a digit? Well, we may well be on that road as a new kids' app is launched which claims to use science to calm tantrums and inspire a nicer way to play.The app raised $11 million before it even launched from Josh Kushner, Will Smith, Lego and others, we know there's a big market for practical parenting help as opposed to just advice, so the only question is, where do we sign up?

"This new kids' app uses science to calm tantrums, inspire nice play and raised $11 million before it launched from Biz Stone, Ev Williams Josh Kushner, Will Smith, Lego and others.

Julie Bort, Business Insider

A lot of apps don't invite the parents into the experience," says Joh