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This week in Parent land, in a galaxy ( not very ) far, far away...

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The Force ( of parenting ) is clearly strong in us all. And this year more than anything we learned that we know that as the going tough, the parents got tougher. With that in mind, it seems timely to recall one of the many inter-galactic flavoured nuggets of wisdom from the ultimate parenting guru -

“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” – Yoda

While you're waiting for that light bulb moment, join us as we once againpeep over the fence and see what everyone else is up to. So here we give you our pick this week of the universe-expanding latest from that not very far, far away at all, place called Parent land

Being a new parent is like going to an all night party

( minus the all day in bed recovery option )

Adults are considered sleep deprived if they get less than the average 7 - 9 hours per night *pause here for laughter*. For many of us still in the blankety trenches of having a newborn just the very mention of a good night's sleep is enough to get us yearning for our beds. News just in is that we lose on average 109 minutes sleep per night in the first year of parenting. We don't even want to begin to add up what that means across those twelve back aching months. And it doesn't stop there of course, wait till you spend the nights fretting your little one is last to speak, use a potty, learn their timetables....come home from a party. All of this is helpful to compile aas hard evidence of the millions of hourly sacrifices we make for our beloved offspring, especially when said offspring finally leaves home and doesn't call to tell us how much they love us, or pop round with a bunch of peonies and their undying thanks...

"New Data Reveals Just How Much Sleep New Parents Are Losing Nightly

By Jamie Webber, Healthline

I’m a mom to a 14-month old boy and I AM SO TIRED. And it’s not because of him. He sleeps 12 hours per night now. But me? I’m lucky if I get 6. I blame it on the thousands of thoughts that run through my head as soon as I hit the pillow: What will he eat for lunch tomorrow? Will our babysitter be late again making me late for work… again! Will I wake up with enough time to work out before he does? Ugh, how is it midnight already?!

Apparently, I’m not alone. New data from Sleep Junkie reveals that before kids, 68 percent of the people surveyed were getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep. Once they had kids? Only 10 percent were getting the recommended Zzz’s. Um, who is this 10 percent and how can I be more like them?

Here’s what the survey found

For the first time, Sleep Junkie conducted a survey of parents of children under 18 months old. They asked questions to find out what the first year of parenthood is really like. The survey found that the majority of new parents are getting between 5 and 6 hours of sleep each night. Sadly, no surprises there.

On average, each new parent loses a staggering 109 minutes of sleep every night for the first year after having a baby. So, if you have two parents in the household, that’s 218 minutes a night! It’s basically like being in college again".

Read more at Healthline.com

We may be sufferering from parenting amnesia and the kids are lapping it up!

It's been a long year, scientists estimate that the last ten months has actually taken three years to pass. This may be something we have made up, but come on....when will this year end?

That said, it has come to our attention that some of the older young children types in our households are having a little more fun with this pandemic than we might have thought. Extra ( unending screen time ), takeaways as a regular thing and not just payday treats. Emma Beddington in the Observor sums it all up terribly well.

"I need to up my parenting game... When is bedtime?

The Observor by Emma Beddington

It’s late on a week night; I’m not sure which one. Not Friday, because I haven’t had the pizza that traditionally marks the conclusion of another week spent sharing a desk with my spouse as all the buildings in a 500-yard radius conduct demolition works and the owner of the restaurant opposite says, “Hiyalright?” with exactly the same inflection to every passer-by for nine hours daily.

I bet I’m not alone among parents in letting things, er, slide somewhat

All other evenings feel the same: everyone looks at their phone while something we aren’t really watching (and which I am only pretending to understand) plays on TV. The dog fidgets in his sleep; my spouse alternates fidgeting and sleeping. I glance at my younger son, stretched out along the sofa. Something stirs in my mind, a vestige of a long-forgotten ritual. I grasp for it, frowning. There’s definitely something I’m supposed to do here. Eventually, it comes to me, sort of. “What time,” I say, hesitantly, “do you go to bed? Is it 10? Half 10?” He glances over, eyebrow raised in mild amusement. “I mean, I’ll take half 10,” he says, which makes me think it was not half 10 in the Before Times.

There is a problem: I have forgotten how to parent".

Read more at the Observer

Getting pregnant after infertility is a joy we can all cry over

Like many women who were so busy pushing themselves up the career ladder, I had my own struggles with infertility and while I would like to say it's made me a better parent, there's really no signs yet that that's true. But, watching the Tik Tok moment captured by mum-to-be Kelly Petrere took me right back to that moment when I too held the tester stick of hope ( and doom ). Grab a tissue. Or the whole box.

Follow her journey @kellypetrere

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