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Things we already miss about lockdown (and things we don’t)

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

It’s been a funny old year so far. With the recent, and rather rude arrival of a temporarily stormy autumn, one minute we were wearing shorts and sunglasses, the next an oversized sou’weste and wondering why the heatwave left us. One thing we won’t be forgetting in a hurry is lockdown though. Something that played merry havoc with everything. Here’s a little list of things we loved, and didn’t during lockdown

Things we loathed in lockdown

Hair misbehaving

Whether it was grey, or wiry or sprouting in very much the most unwanted places, hair did not behave at all well over lockdown. Rumours of certain well coiffured neighbours sneaking their stylists in via the back door, remain rife.

Children not listening

Children no longer listening to anything you say. BRUSH YOUR TEEEEEEETHHHHHH!!!!.

Screaming this into an abyss.

Love in lockdown

On your own, or with a partner, kind hugs, and lingering kisses were slowly replaced with seething resentments and slammed doors. Lockdown tested our heart strings to the point of snapping.

Things we loved in lockdown


Oh. My. Goodness. Where do you even start with teachers. All we know is that collecting for class presents at Christmas this year is going to be a doddle.

Bird song

Even in the heart of the city those multi-coloured feathered balls on sticks serenaded humanity with all their hearts.

Toilet paper

Now with iconic status. We’ll never take you for granted again.

Anything empty except shop shelves

Roads made essential trips feel like pioneering travels from a century ago. This was VIP driving to the max. Parks, making your half hour walk per day, feel like you were the Dowager of Downton surveying her land.

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