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These are a few of my favourite... children's books

This week we're delighted to have children's author Janie Emaus, share some of her favourite children's books. The newly published Latkes for Santa Claus, was just released from Sky Pony Press and is her first children's book. She is also the author of The Time Traveling Matchmaker which comes out next year first book in her time travel series, The Time Traveling Matchmaker is released next year

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The Recess Queen

by Alexis O'Neill

"I loved this book and read it a million times to my grandson when he was little. It's a terrific story about bullying, told in a fun, entertaining way.

It's perfect for October, National Bullying Prevention Month, but should be mandatory reading all year round. 

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Too Sticky

by Jen Malia

The is a story about a little girl with autism who doesn't like to touch anything sticky. With the help of her teachers and friends, she gets the courage to try something new. Jen wrote this from an #Ownvoices perspective. I highly recommend this book.

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What I Like About Me

by Allia Zobel Nolan

A great book about how we all might look different, but we are all the same inside. A perfect read for the current situation of our world. 

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Frog and Toad

by Arnold Lobel

I can't say enough about this book. It was my one of my favorites as a kid. And I still own my copy from back then-years and years before the Internet. I read it to my daughter and then my grandkids. It's one of the best books about friendship ever written.

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The Story of Babar

by Jean De Brunhoff

I have to say this is my all time favorite book. As I child, I read it until it was dogeared. The of story of how Babar survives the death of his mother and makes a life for himself has stayed with me my entire life. The Old Lady, Celeste and Arthur have been by my side forever! A must read for every new generations of children. 

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Janie Emaus's debut children's book brilliantly blends Christmas and Hannukah together for a newly blended family.

To learn more about Janie's work, visit her website 

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