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The Parent Contract

Updated: Apr 1

Do you remember the relationship you and your partner had 'Before Children'? Well, however long ago that was, with the arrival of kids, the weight of domestic work can quickly become overwhelming. For a multitude of reasons too annoying to list here, much of that new workload appears to be slowly absorbed into the mother's day. No matter whether she has an actual 'real' job too. This may all stem from those early days in a baby's life when 'Mum' claims, or just appears to be the best person for the job.

Over the last twelve months many families added to that domestic job list the gargantuan task of homeschooling any number of children. It's actually a wonder more mothers haven't gone on strike. Now, with the re-commencement of 'normal' family life, it's time to talk. Many mothers are understandably keen to throw off their 1950s aprons and to re-embrace their working lives to the full but we've all ended up getting into some bad habits and it's a great time to look at how this whole family thing works.

"Grownups know that little things matter … and that relationships are based on respect and reciprocity".

— Margaret Carlson, Time, 4 June 2001

Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to shift those deeply ingrained habit-forming role assignments without a little...push. And so, in the spirit of love, respect and reciprocity, we have created a completely non-binding in a court of law....push, which we are calling the Parent Contract. The contract is just a guide but if you like it and can both agree upon it, then why not sign it and frame it? We've made it super-easy for you too as you can download your own copy below.