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The bicycle Book Club

Updated: May 14

Later this month we'll be celebrating Bike week, so we thought what better way to celebrate this wheely great topic than finding some brilliant bicycle themed books! Bike Week is all about raising awareness of the benefits of cycling, but just seeing the look on your childrens' faces as they finally get the balance right and take off is enough persuasion to know nurturing a love of cycling in a child is the gift of a lifetime.

With the weather brightening up and our on-going desire to fight pollution (as well as get healthy outdoors) we thought we should devote today's Book Club to the humble bicycle - possibly the most graceful and planet friendly mode of transport you can choose. Whether your child is just gearing up to their first balance bike, or tearing around the countryside on a mountain bike we hope you enjoy our book choices this week.

1 Go, Bikes, Go!

by Addie Boswell, Illustrated by Alexander Mostov

Age suitability: 18-36 months