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Ten questions with The Mouse Adoption Agency

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and today's small business is one of the most curiously shaped ones we've come across so far. And it squeaks. Quite beautifully.

Move closer, what you are about to read must remain a secret. Among clocks and dust and spiders, we are not sure where, is the Mouse Adoption Agency. It’s a world of typewriters and wool. Applicants apply for a mouse and will receive a hand (or paw) typed letter and a knitted mouse. Each mouse has a story, and is a rebellious, revolutionary, unique creature seeking a safe house and protection from cats and ill-intentioned weasels. The agency has rehomed mice to adopters from Brighton to Brooklyn, from the age of 2 weeks to 81 years old, and even to a cat named Twiglet. All profits from this marvellous venture go to refugee and food bank charities, and the mice are knitted by a collective of Syrian women in Istanbul.

We are thrilled to share the thoughts of the brains behind the organisation, Chairman Mouse.

"We live in dangerous times and the mice that find us are the ones who do not toe the line. They are the wanderers, the poets, musicians, acrobats, and the rebels. They tell us their stories, the many different roads they have travelled to find us here among the dust and the clocks and the spiders".

Chairman Mouse, The Mouse Adoption Agency

Ten questions hastily scribbled on the back of a pandemic postcard with... Chairman Mouse

What has 2020 taught you so far?

Love is everything.

What is the best small business ‘oxygen mask’ piece of advice you could share?

Blind faith and good cake.

When is the last time you laughed out loud and why?

I laugh out loud every time a mouse is rehomed. Each story and name has that effect.

What (& where) would be your dream meal?

The Ticklemore Street Cheese Shop and Almond Thief Bakery in Totnes. They provide the staples for life: bread, cheese and cardamom buns.

How do you think 2020 will be remembered?

As the planet giving us some sage and final advice.

What's the best joke you've ever heard?

It involves a donkey..

If your business life story was going to be played in a film of your life, who would play you and what would the film be called?

Olivia Coleman as a black cat - The Mouse Adoption Agency.

Sum up your business style in five words or less

I don’t have one - the stories and the charities are what matter.

9. What’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

Seeing my son and daughters' faces for the first time, and starling murmurations.

10.What’s the first thing you will do when we come out of this pandemic?

Go to a gig and dance.

To enquire about adopting one of these special creatures, go to The Mouse Adoption Agency. But remember, a mouse isn't just for Christmas.

If you would like a chance to be featured in our Virtual Christmas Market or want to nominate a small business that you think our members would love, then just fill out the simple form and we'll get back to you!

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