Super-easy children's cherry blossom thumb painting

Updated: May 7, 2020

April is Cherry Blossom month. To celebrate the pinkest of trees we have a beautiful Cherry Blossom art template ready for tiny thumbs to decorate!


  • Download and print our tree template, then add your own blossom using your thumbprints!

  • Dip your thumb in pink paint (or whichever colour you fancy!) and press onto the tree branches to make your blossom.

  • Alternatively, little ones can use a sponge or some bubble wrap dipped in paint, or dab with a brush to create their eternal blossom.


To download the template either right-click on the image below and choose "save image" or download our PDF at the bottom of this page.

Cherry blossom craft template
Download PDF • 566KB

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Happy Painting!

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