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Storytime author read aloud - read along The World According to Grandpa

Updated: Jan 24

Why Do Animals Hibernate?

Today's Book Club is given over to our second author 'read aloud and read along' with writer Chris Heath. Grandpa has got an amazing imagination, so when his grandchildren ask him a question that he doesn't know the answer to, he makes sure he has a fantastic tale ready to entertain and amaze them. Thankfully, Halifax the rabbit is always on hand to tell us the real answer. Author Chris Heath reads The World According to Grandpa - Why do Animals Hibernate?

This storytime is suitable for all ages.

Now, do you want to help Grandpa?

The Grandpa books are so funny that they have been made into a TV series which you can watch on Channel 5's Milkshake. Chris is also running a competition to find more brilliant questions for Grandpa, so if your child has got a question they want answering along the lines of 'Why do animals hibernate?' or 'Why is the sky blue?' Chris would love to hear them! Just email them to questionsforgrandpa@grandpaproductions.co.uk. The deadline for entires is February 5th 2021.

If your question is chosen, you will get a certificate saying you are 'officially awesome' and you will get to see your question on the television series being answered by Grandpa!

Make sure you include:

1. Your question

2. Your name

3. Your age

4. The name of your school

Try to think of something that no one else has thought to ask - it could be a question about the world around you - space, bodies, sport, history, time, robots, hands, feet, wind, rain, inventions....anything you like! food, animals....anything! Just use your imagination and dream up something brilliant!

And, if you would like to draw a picture to go with your question, then please do. Watch out for more author read alongs coming soon!

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