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Storytime author read aloud - Harry and the Big Scary Slide

Updated: Apr 1

Harry and the Big Scary Slide introduces the 'Grumpit', an endearing new character in this brilliantly helpful storybook created by Polly Bateman to help her young son grow in confidence and self-esteem, by learning to calm himself in situations where he felt anxious or fearful. As adults, navigating life’s many ups and downs isn’t always easy. For young children, the world can be a pretty scary place, particularly in new or intimidating situations when they can often feel overwhelmed and paralysed by fear. Polly knows that only too well – as a mum and Mindset & Performance Coach she specialises in helping people understand their own self-limiting beliefs.

The central character of this new children’s book, the 'Grumpit', is unique to each and every reader: a personal reflection of their individual fears and self-imposed limitations. There’s no one, single ‘Grumpit’. Beyond the character’s overall shape, the author leaves each child to imagine the size, colour and personality of their own personal Grumpit.

Through their relationship with him or her, children are able to distance themselves from overwhelming feelings. This distance helps them understand that their perception of a given situation is often an exaggeration of what’s really happening, thereby empowering them to handle it.

Order your copy here and watch Polly read it below: