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Staycation garden ideas designed to spark joy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Every Friday on the Hub we are going to find ways to inspire your life both at home and away. To kick off, we thought we’d share some ideas for revamping your outside space to transform your staycation this summer. Let’s face it, more of us than ever before are having to cancel our family holidays this summer, so making the most of our outside spaces, big or small, might help bring some holiday spirit to our home.

Make your own outside cinema

This project can be as simple as stringing a sheet up against a wall, or your shed or even on a washing line. if you've gone old school and hung it on the line, you will need to weigh down the bottom to stop the film flying up at the crucial point! You will also need a projector which you can connect to your digital movie source (ipad/laptop/kindle fire) and then some seating, popcorn and a consensus on which film to enjoy.

The Nebula Capsule Pocket Cinema Smart Mini Projector gives you up to four hours battery and the size and shape of a can of fizzy pop, this is petite enough to take on a camping trip and although the picture won't quite live up to a real life cinema experience, the stars above, and the scent of toasted marshmallows should more than make up for that. Also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker and is fully wifi connectable.

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Do you want to build a treehouse

Back in the day we would have been lucky to have a couple of planks of wood nailed into the branches of a tree. These days, if you have the time, space (and cash) the sky is literally the limit. We’re lusting after these bespoke dream houses, loving hand-built by the craftsman at Blue Forest. Prices are eye watering but making memories is (well, nearly) priceless.

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Shepherds Hut delights

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we all really, really need a proper home office. Preferably one with an intercom and a lock (if you are a BBC reporter). But why not consider investing in an outdoor space that can also adapt itself seamlessly into a perfect retreat? Lounging in a cabin bed, at the bottom of the garden, away from the hustle and bustle of family life - who wouldn't love that? Like most dreamers, we've been lusting after a shepherds hut for a while, and the options available at Blackdown Shepherds Huts offer a solution for self-building enthusiasts, and those of us who just want something perfect delivered ready to chill in.

The upside of these beauties is many of them will not need full planning permission (always check with your local planning office first, of course). Not only can you reposition it in the future, but you will also have the option to take it with you when you move house. Huts can house everything including a kitchen sink, so it's also ideal for house guests you love, especially with a stretch of wildflower-strewn lawn between you!

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Furniture for the fussiest interiors fan

Another garden dream we've been nurturing is having a swing seat, or rocker that we can sit in whilst watching the little ones play in the sunshine. We love this pink and green rocker from made.com, a snip at just £99.

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For more of an investment buy, this sturdy beauty made in Oxfordshire will remain inviting long into autumn and beyond. And, if they are good enough for Helena Bonham Carter's bottom, who are we to argue? Prices start at just over £3,000. Curl up with a cup of tea and a favourite novel and swing your troubles away.

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"I worked with Congress on legislation, gave speeches to CEOs, military generals and Hollywood executives. But I also worked to ensure that my efforts would resonate with kids and families - and that meant doing things in a creative and unconventional way. So, yeah, I planted a garden and hula-hooped on the White House lawn with kids".

Michelle Obama

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