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Simple Tai Chi for kids to calm the mind and aid concentration

Updated: Jan 6

We're thrilled to welcome back Ciaran Ivanovic, founder of Mindful Kids, to share some very simple Tai Chi for children that can help calm them down as well as aid focus and concentration. All skills that will come in very handy over the next few weeks of course. In this short video Ciaran moves through a series of simplified Tai Chi movements so it is easy for children to learn. With practise, Tai Chi practice can teach them resilience and give them tools to help them navigate life's demands.

Ciaran loves to use her artistic creativity to develop new ways of engaging children based on their interests. Many of her ideas are now being used by teachers and health professionals both in and outside the U.K. 

Ciaran has been collaborating with Maggie & Rose since November 2019 when she gave a talk to parents during Children's Mental Health Awareness week about the benefits of mindfulness for children. She is delighted to be sharing some of her mindful breathing techniques with Maggie & Rose families. To find out more about Ciaran, go to Mindful Kids London.

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