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Shop local, support Independents Day

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This year more than any other we want to stay local. Many of us might even be lucky enough to still have a thriving high street near us, whether in a city village or a rural setting itself. But, it's also clear that right now these businesses are struggling, so if there is a way to support them, shouldn't we?

Christmas is coming and regardless of our income, we know we will be putting aside some of our cash on gifts for our children, so why not invest not just in our children's ( short term ) happiness, but also our long term local happiness by buying that coffee or after school snack from independent cafes, green grocers, meat from the butchers etc etc. The supermarkets will survive a recession, but those family-run independent businesses really will benefit from your money and custom.

Join us at our Virtual Christmas Market this year

We're going to be investing in independent businesses here at Maggie & Rose Life in the lead up to Christmas by listing your favourite online shops here in our Virtual Christmas Market So, if you have a small online business, or know someone who does, just fill out our submission form and your 'hero' product and shop could well be featured here in the next few weeks

Our pick of personalised gifts for the home

In the meantime, it seemed churlish not to feature some fabulous gift ideas right now, with three of our favourite independent finds online this week.

1 Royal Pet portrait

I don't know about you, but everything about our family dog, Bridie, is Royal, from the way she scoffs her breakfast, to the wave she throws when she's sat in the carriage on the Mall. What gift would be more fitting then, than a Royal portrait of her very own conjured up by artist Astrid Busson.

Oh majestic pets! We are now even less worthy.

Get your orders in for Christmas, Astrid gets booked up quite quickly for these personalised gems.

From £25.

2 Family stitch art

Harking back to yesteryear, Bex, the brains behind Welsh artsy Etsy shop Stitch2smile, can create cute family portraits digitally to look like they are painstakingly embroidered, or go the whole needle-pulling-thread hog for you.

From £34.99

3 The artful side hustle

If only we had the time and skill to create clever cool characters based on our family and friends... Yes, it's about as lilkely as wanting to homeschool your own children and any within a half mile radius so, here's someone who will do it for you ( probably in a far superior way ). Brilliant portraits with a big dash of cool from this TV Producer working his side hustle in these tricky times.

From £249

To submit your business to our Indie Christmas round up click HERE

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