• gigi eligoloff

Sharenting, grief and the twitterati of noise

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Earlier this month the singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen lost their baby during pregnancy. If you don't meddle in social media you may have missed this sad story, but it wasn't the awful news that lit up the online message threads, so much as the image that the couple chose to share. An image that captures a very, very private moment of loss. Comments ranged from the callous to the furiously defensive.

" So there just so happened to be a photographer there?"
"Anyone criticizing her for posting this picture of her GRIEF can f*** off. This is a tragedy. She can post whatever she wants for the support that she needs and deserves!!!"
"I don't see why she felt she had to post that to the media as soon as it happened. That's a very private matter. Ppl are saying "she did it bc other women go through it", yeah they do and it's private".

The raw pain of their loss is carved on Teigen's face and we can only imagine what must have been going through her mind. But, what purpose does the image serve, in fact does it even have to have a purpose? At what point is this an event that should even be shared?

"People been giving negative comments on why she's posting this. As a person who is una