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Parent land shares the magic...

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This week is full of small wonders and epic moments. From the bittersweet passing of time captured in three simple images, to the utter magic of one word.

There's never been a better time to share in the world of children, the ideal time to pause for a second, switch of the news, and savour these mini wonders.

Zoom Zoom Zoom...

Females of the world must surely have rejoiced at the re-election of New Zealand's spectaular leader Jacinda Ardern this week.

Another incredible moment for women-kind, and perhaps one that could have been avoided with a little more planning can be best descibed as -

The 'Zoom zoom zoom, you're exiting my womb' song.

One woman, one due date and one law exam which somehow managed to all collide in time and create a situation no-one should ever have to juggle.

Couldn't she just have said, 'Hey, I should have seen this coming, but can I reschedule?'

"Woman Takes Bar Exam While in Labor, Gives Birth, Then Finishes Test

Chicago Today

A Loyola University graduate took part of her bar exam while in labor, gave birth, and then finished her test.

Brianna Hill knew she'd be pregnant while taking her final test toward becoming a lawyer, but when the coronavirus pandemic changed the timing, she suddenly realized just how pregnant she would be.

"It was supposed to be in July," she said.

That date was then moved to October.

Hill knew she'd be taking the test remotely in her home, but that there would be technology used to watch test takers and keep them from cheating.

On Monday, a very pregnant Hill sat down at her desk to take the first part of the exam.

"I was ready to go - confident," she said.

But minutes into her test, she went into labor.

"I didn't think about it because I was in the test," she said.

During a break, Hill made a few important calls and then went back to finish the rest of her exam.

"I cleaned myself up, called my husband and the test kept going," she said".

Read more at NBC Chicago

Dad sharents and it goes viral.

It's too adorable of course, this image of Ciaran Shannon and his daughter Niamh has won nearly a million likes on twitter to date. There's no sign of Miss Shannon ( now a maths and science teacher ) commenting on her Dad's pride and joy yet, although you could read various thoughts into that knowing look to camera in the final image. All cynicism aside, this hatrick of happy moments brings a sweet tear of recognition to our eyes. Time really is passing terribly quickly.

"How it started: Belfast dad and daughter tweet goes global

by Mark Simpson, BBC News

"A Belfast dad says he has been left "flabbergasted" by the positive worldwide reaction to three family photos he posted on social media.

Ciarán Shannon shared pictures of him and his daughter, Niamh at various stages of her academic life.

All the pictures were taken in exactly the same spot outside their home.

They were posted on Twitter as part of the "How it Started. How it's going" trend and have been liked almost a million times".

Read more...at BBC News

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