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October treats for work-from-home parents

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The last time we shared our pick of non-negotiable treats for work from home mums on Maggie & Rose, it proved rather popular, proving that we are all in need of regular treats because, well... we just are.

So take a deep breath, relax, and peruse our pick of lovely things, because right now in this moment, you are more than worth it.

Emma J Shipley Chair, Anthropologie

1 Buena Vista

First of all don't panic, there will be slippers ( we're not stupid! ). But, what says cosy more than a deep, dark and magical print?

Queen of exotic and captivating images for home and life, Emma J Shipley creates original and subversive pieces that will be treasured for years to come. This season sees her collection for Anthropologie, with wild animal motifs ( right ) on a deliciously deep dark jungle green. If we had the cash to splash we would snaffle the amazon armchair (above) for our coffee breaks, but at least we can comfortably push the boat out for a roll of the wallpaper to play with.

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2 Foot cocoons

Now for the slippers. While there are an ever growing number of luxury slipper options out there ( it's not just us is it? )

we're rather taken with the Celtic Sheepskin Cocoon. Not just, as they say, a clever name, these little babies will render you at once both relieved, and delighted, with the added nights in ahead. Built on a soft leather sole for longetivity.

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3 Knit one

Next on the agenda has to be a hero jumper. The sweetest of all sweaters and the nattiest of knits. And where else would you go but Toast, home of the excellent wools. This Alpaca Fair Isle ticks all the autumn boxes and will make that dog walk / school run / dash for coffee all the the cosier.

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4 Bring on the velvet

Is it a throw? Or an oversized cape... maybe it's just that velvet soft armour your home office needs to get you from desk to kettle and back again? Also comes in Ochre and Midnight Blue (Emerald pictured) from the home of good taste, Heals.

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5 At the very least...

Sometimes, when it's dreary out and we're sat at our desks wondering how we got to here, the only thing you can really do is add a little colour to your palatte. Whether you are a matte, high gloss, sheer or va va voomer, a bit of lippy does wonders for the get up and go. The new Sisley Paris Gloss range bring some shine and sparkle into your life just as the days get shorter. This one is Milkyway, and it promises to moisturise as much as shine.

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