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Natural sleep solutions for your child

Ask any parent what is the biggest challenge in raising children, and assuming they don't have teenagers, they will say the daily wrangle of bedtime. In fact, the art (or lack of it) in getting your child to sleep can become painfully long-winded for many of us. A toothbrush company in the U.S even conducted a study into how long a bedtime routine generally takes parents of children up to the age of eight. The researchers found that parents spent 140 hours every year, getting their child to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. 140 hours. And this was before the global pandemic hit. Since being in lockdown we have all seen routines disrupted including the night time ones. More time spent on screens, later bedtimes and the general hum of anxiety that accompanies a global pandemic have wreaked havoc with our sleep. As it is Wellness Wednesday on the Hub, we've pulled together some mind, body and soul tips and products, that will promote a better and completely natural night's sleep all round.

Swap screens for wind down sounds

Those pesky blue lights that our everyday electronics emit, delay the body's ability to release the sleep hormone melatonin. Ensuring that children do not watch screens for at least two hours before bedtime is a must but, if your child wants to listen to something why not try to get them switched on to meditation?

Meditation for children

Meditation has been having a moment for quite a while now. Because a regular practice can guide your mind to relax and be more in tune with your body, it's also a life skill. Encouraging your children from a young age to learn techniques to relax, is going to be a gift they will be grateful for, forever.

"It’s almost as though meditation was designed for kids. They just ‘get it’ – there is this elasticity and freedom in their minds which allows them to be present in the moment and free from any external thoughts or pressures". Andy Puddicombe, co-founder, Headspace

Headspace, one of the market leaders, quickly realised that getting better sleep for kids, will in turn give parents back their rest so they cleverly developed Headspace for kids. Promising to deliver benefits such as resilience, positivity and happiness, this is certainly a no brainer for children, as well as adults. Ten minutes out of our day is surely a small price to pay for peace of mind isn't it? Literally.

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The audio book that broke the mould

The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin

If you want to try something different (or you are truly desperate) The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep is a story designed by a Swedish psychologist and uses unique language patterns to get small children to sleep. The story follows a mummy rabbit taking her baby rabbit to find Mr Yawn and is available on audible, so you get all the bells and whistles with sleepy background music, and a dreamy voiced narrator. All you need to do is lie back and relax. This was the first self-published book to top the amazon charts knocking off 'Girl on a Train' if you need anymore persuasion

Just make sure you set it to sleep mode so your child is not rudely awakened by the 'THIS IS AUDIBLE' statement at the end!

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Fill up their senses

Lavender has long been the essential oil of choice to either add to your carrier oils, or scent your children's bath time routines. If you want to completely fill up your senses then there are now pillow sprays specifically formulated for babies and children. While they will envelop your little ones with their magical scented qualities, they are never suitable to put directly onto skin.

Baby Pillow Spray - Cowshed

A gentle and calming spray to help soothe your little one. This is an natural blend of Mandarin, Neroli, with a dash of Chamomile and Lavender in a Bitter Orange flower water base. Spray it onto sheets, clothes and even their favourite blanket.

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Nothing beats setting aside some quality time with your child and reading a lovely bedtime story , but don't beat yourself up if you can't manage this every night, especially if you have more than one child, nothing is worth your evening ending up like a terribly slow and arduous speed date!

If you missed yesterday's Book Club, check out our selection of bedtime and dream inspired books. As ever we would love to hear what your favourite bedtime story is so we can share them, just drop us a line at editorial@maggieandrose.com

Come back tomorrow when we'll be looking at how to deal with nightmares as well as help with anyone who is afraid of the dark.