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Learn to streetdance with this video masterclass

We thought it was high time we got children moving, and with a rainy half term on top of our lockdown restrictions, we have turned to the indoor activity experts to help parents out this week. To kick off (see we're moving already!), we are delighted to share this streetdance video from dance specialists, Funky Moves.

“Funky Moves are the kindest hearted, sweetest natured, happiest and classiest dance teachers.”

Emma Freud & Richard Curtis

Funky Moves was founded over 16 years ago by professional dancer Alice Thorpe. The aim was to provide dancers with meaningful teaching jobs alongside their performance work, and children with a variety of fulfilling, joyful and fun dance experiences. What started as a handful of kids' street dance sessions in Clapham, quickly spread to parties, school clubs, private classes, holiday courses, events and festivals, in a beautifully organic way. Jess and Holly joined the 50+ team of teachers back in 2015, and soon became vivacious members of the management team. Funky Moves continued to grow, with adult classes in dance, yoga and fitness, because… well, why should kids have all the fun?!

Like a lot of small businesses, the pandemic hit Funky Moves hard. But realising the necessity for people to keep their bodies and minds moving and motivated, Funky Moves refused to quit. Since before the first lockdown, they've been offering daily classes for kids and adults, as well as online parties and pop-up events. Their ethos is simple... help to create a happier, healthier you by moving your body to epic tunes, whilst having fun! Their style is inclusive, energetic and full of passion..even through the screen!

‘Dance is an expression of creativity and individuality in a world where we are generally only measured on our academic achievements. It is a form of communicating, connecting, increasing confidence, fitness, coordination, balancing the mind, releasing tension and best of all, it’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to dance?!’