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Kirsten & Aiyven's top 5 Book Club

We have a pretty happy life here in the Book Club. Every morning we get up, stretch, blink our eyes open and reach over to the side of the (metaphorical) bed to pick up our next wonderful story to share. But, this week we are switching things up to share some exciting guests - Kirsten & Aiyven, two book obsessed sisters who are fast getting a reputation as Youtubers and co-founders of a book club business for children called Happier Ever Chapter.

The entrepreneurs are based in Northampton, and began their regular book reviews in March 2019 and since then have steadily grown their following by sharing their recommendations and promoting book literacy. There's a new review every month and they have now added Live interviews with their favourite authors!

All books featured every week in our Book Club can be found or ordered at the newly launched UK Bookshop.org site which will find your local bookshop and help you support your own local businesses. There's some great, and unusual picks this week so happy viewing and if you want a guest spot on our Book Club, just drop us a line at editorial@maggieandrose.com

Find out how Kirsten and Aiyven's Happier Ever Chapter works at Mbawa Books. There's currently a 50% off discount on your first month subscription.


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