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Journey to becoming a vegan family - where to start

Because we're focussing on Earth Day this week and what we can do to help preserve our planet, we couldn't not mention the 'V' word. Because unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few years, veganism, or moving to a plant-based diet, has been growing in popularity as we start to realise that the meat and dairy we consume are a surprisingly large part of our individual carbon footprints. Many restaurants and most supermarkets already sell vegan-based meals and you may have wondered whether it's something that's right for you, or your family. We asked Chris Mosler, who runs one of the most popular vegan food blogs in the UK for her advice for anyone wondering where to start on the journey to becoming a vegan family.

If you or a family member are beginning to explore a more plant based diet or are ready to go vegan here are a few simple tips to help you on your way.

1 Get Informed

A well planned vegan diet can easily include everything required for healthy living.

However, with any change in diet it is important to ensure that all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for health and growth are included.