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It's a wonderful, wonderful world!

Because yesterday was International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, we'll be celebrating these culturally distinct societies and communities all week on the Maggie & Rose hub. Although many indigenous people have adopted parts of the colonizing cultures, such as dress, religion or language, we can learn a huge amount from their traditional ways of life, stories and ancestral knowledge.

Indigenous peoples are also known in some regions as First peoples, First Nations, Aboriginal peoples or Native peoples, or autochthonous peoples.

All new features this week on Maggie & Rose

Tomorrow's book club will be tracking down five books to explore this week's theme of indigenous people. One Wednesday, we're looking at the miraculous benefits of the rainforests on our planet and more specifically, how we can detox some of the pollutions of our urban lives in our homes. On Thursday we're celebrating the extended family in our children's lives and on Friday we'll be sharing our picks of some of the most beautiful handcrafted products you can get for your home, while supporting communities.

This week's incredible Indigenous Peoples video classes

All our video classes are designed to provide a wealth of learning outcomes for your children. Here what's coming up in our classes this week:

Mini Musicians: Indigenous music of the Andean Highlands

Latin America is home to over 800 indigenous groups with an estimated population of 45 million people! In today’s class we’ll be focusing on the indigenous groups of the Andean Highlands. They are known for their mountain dwelling traditions, colourful attire and widely spoken languages, all of which have heavily influenced (and continue to influence) the music and culture of that region.

Messy Masters Art: Amazing Aboriginal Art

In this Messy Masters Art little ones will be developing fine motor skills and exploring expressive art as they create their own patterns and use their imaginations in Aboriginal art. This is another lovely class for understanding the world and the different kinds of people we share our planet with.

Messy Masters Art: Native American Totem Pole.

There are 574 groups of indigenous peoples across what we call modern day United States of America, and due to pop culture we are aware of some of their traditions and customs. Today we will delve deep into a tradition of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America, as we are inspired to create our own Maggie & Rose version of a Totem Pole.

Have a curious, creative and extraordinary week on the Maggie & Rose Hub.

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