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Inspiring bedrooms for every dreamer .

This week we're taking a whistle stop tour of some of the most lust-worthy beds and bedrooms for you to pop your slippers off, and lay your weary heads. From the mighty leather four poster you can pick up at the Conran Shop for just a little over £6,000, to the rather more pocket-friendly Concrete swallows wall mural from Swedish Interiors expertscRebel Walls. Browse, ponder, get inspired and dream on...

The Wallis bed, Heals

A bed which is a study in comfortable simplicity. Of course it helps having the double height crittall style door to a secret little courtyard, sigh.

Basalt, Little Greene

This dark and moody bedroom by Little Greene is lightened by a textured pink throw and coral cushions with bedside stool. Best for Sunday mornings with the papers while him (or her) indoors deals with the little people.

The Pavona wallpaper, Little Greene

This wallpaper makes our hearts leap with veritable joy! Celebrating a high ceilinged room brilliantly, the soothing blue and green is contrasted with a parade flamboyant peacocks. Apparently the design was discovered on a lobby wall at Erddig in Wales, hung in the 1870s, Little Greene say it 'has the painterly finish of a traditional Chinese silk'. We're sold.

The Dumpling bed, Loaf

Another velvet headboard. These people clearly don't have small children. But, if it's just for dreaming, Loaf does it's plump sofa thing with a bed. Minimalist interior optional, white walls ready for the ubiquitous accidental tiny finger painting activities.

Perspective Manoir, Rebel Walls

Not for everyone, but the Perspective Manoir is a nod to that beautiful thing - the shabby chateau of our dreams. Glamour? Et Voilla!

Salina bed, Heals

This Salina bed is set against a stunning bold mural which perfectly frames it's sublime lines. That floor will be perfect for roller skating too.

Mischievous Tiger, moonlight - Rebel Walls

Adventurous children will adore these Mischievous Tigers. We love the handmade wooden cot bed too. Stunning.

Rebel Walls - Concrete Art, Swallows

Finally, our favourite for giving a nod to both artsy parents and cool kids. The Concrete Art, Swallows mural, is a look that will make any wall zing. For maximum effect add pops of colour details like this small seat and skinny rugs ( not ideal for tumbling toddlers).

Even if you're not planning a makeover for one of your bedrooms, we hope you've been inspired just a little.

Sweet dreams from the Hub.

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