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How to support your child's mental health

Updated: Feb 5

It's Children's Mental Health Week and for the first time in decades we are living through extraordinary times, with rising anxieties and, sadly for many, trauma. Whilst, as adults, we can attempt to make some sense of the shifting ground beneath our feet, our children will no doubt be experiencing their own challenges and worries.

To support families we have been creating wellbeing content since our launch in March 2020, containing tips, guidance and insight into helping our children manage their difficult feelings, and learn resilience for the future. So, to mark Children's Mental Health Week and it's theme of 'Express Yourself' we've put together links to our most useful and relevant content, both video and written articles.

Mindful Kids Videos and tips

We've done some wonderful collaborations with the very calm and wise Ciaran Ivanovic of Mindful Kids over the last 11 months. Here are some highlights that offer practical tips for supporting your child's mental health.

Videos that may help:

If you want to buy any of the props that Ciaran recommends in this video please click here for resources and links.

1 Five easy ways to help your child feel calm

2 How to create a mindful environment for the whole family

3 How to diffuse a tantrum in just five minutes

Finally in association with Mindful Kids we have produced a free downloadable Mindful kids menu with a range of mindful games ( with simple, fun actions) for children to choose from when they need them. Click Mindful Kids Menu and download and print our your copy.

To find out more about Ciaran, go to Mindful Kids London.

Help and advice from The Parent Practice

We've also been very lucky to have the expertise from Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice who has been providing practical tips for supporting anxious children as well as some excellent guidance on how to tackle the sticky conundrum of screen time.

1 Seven ways to help your anxious child

2 Good screen, bad screen - how to get the right balance

3 How to treat your child's pandemic nightmares

The Bumble Bee video from Pause

This week we also welcomed the team at Pause for a lovely calming game for you to do with your child perfect for quietening a busy big or little mind.

Watch the Bumble Bee now.

Book Club ideas

Our regular Tuesday Book Club has lots of suggestions for books for your children on dealing with those big feelings too. Here are our top three round ups:

1 Books to help children making sense of feelings

2 Books about building self-esteem

3 Books to help your child resist perfectionism

Practical craft classes to support mental health

Ways to connect with loved ones we miss

Make a 'We'll meet again' box for grandparents or loved ones far away to let them know you're thinking of them. There are four crafts to make, as well as the box.

Other ways you can help:

Why having a playdate with your child matters

And finally, we took a proud look back at all the amazing things we made and people we worked with since we launched in March 2020 with our very own rainbow song...

And finally...

We hope this content proves useful. We have also published the video answers from last month's Ask The Expert, child psychologist Dr Maryhan Baker. Click here for to watch.

And now, if you feel need like you need some light relief from your biggest role to date of 'Parenting in a Pandemic' (and we know we do sometimes!) here's some ideas of posts that may resonate, help or just bring your shoulders down from around your ears for a minute or two..

1 Parenting in a pandemic - do you have imposter syndrome?

2 15 sanity savers for when you can't just 'pull cord in emergency'

3 10 reasons why #lockdown 3 is the worst sequel ever

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