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How to stop feeling overwhelmed in just 4 minutes

It's not a good time for parents right now. Many of us had dreamed of snatching some sun-kissed half term happiness last month, but found ourselves watching the raindrops slide down the window whilst googling virtual Halloween activities ( side note - we had you covered).

There's so much more we're dealing with on top of our children's everyday needs this year. All the other, very normal stuff like choosing schools, buying winter coats ( again? !), finding childcare, staying in work, finding work, working on relationships...it's, well, it's overwhelming isn't it?

When you fly, the instructions in any emergency, is to put your own mask on before helping anyone else. And yet, this is the very thing we forget or push aside in our rush to tend to everyone else's needs. Some of us might have poorly friends or parents, some, children with special needs whose support package has been reduced or withdrawn completely. Maybe you're a lone parent, or with a partner that doesn't help out as much as you would like, maybe this year has really started to take it's toll. Add it all up and you're right back to being....overwhelmed again.

The good news is that there really is a magic bullet for dealing with that feeling and it doesn't come in a gin bottle! The easiest, free of charge, and always available antidote to these awful piled up feelings of anxiety and dread is actually just the action of... breathing deeply. And personally, as someone who has experienced more than a few bumps in the road including infertility and divorce, I can whole-heartedly vouch for this, breathing really does dial all that busy noise down. Which is why we're beyond happy that Louise Rogers has created these special short videos to help