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How to make easy paper mache at home

Updated: Jan 6

Simple structures made from a mixture of flour and water, and some old newspaper, using only the magic of an inflated balloon takes some beating in the craft stakes. The sensory pay off of this activity is also a huge benefit and we think it certainly makes up for the mess. If you have an oilcloth covering for the table though, that won't even be that big an issue. At the end of the video we show you some of the wonderful ways we've used it from making a bracelet, to a penguin to the entire solar system! What will you make - scroll down after watching for some wild ideas!

And if you want any more inspiration for the wonderful sculptures you can create with this simple technique there's scores of online blogs showcasing some extraordinary creations!

One of our favourites is Ultimate Paper Mache where you can browse the amazing selection of options. There's patterns you can buy too if you get super-geeky, but it's clear this is a skill you can seriously get into!

Now get inspired by the World Wide Web

There are also some lovely ideas on this blog site sent in by fans and readers. The Fairytale Night Lamp by Nina, below, is on our Lockdown Wishlist of things to learn when we find the time!

And if your child suddenly announces they need a Minotaur mask (....it could happen!) or, a cyclops one, then look no further than Kelly's incredible work.

And don't forget you don't have to stop your decorating goals with just paint, you can add all kinds of material to build on your sculptures - we found this incredible furry donkey ( below) crafted by Lavendonmade at etsy, proving the only thing stopping your child's imagination is an Eeyore-like outlook!

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