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How to make a paper plane 3 ways step by step

Updated: Jan 6

Children love to learn through play and doing something as simple as figuring out how to make a paper plane not just fly, but fly in the direction you want, is a perfect activity for any budding scientists. We have some very easy paper plane shapes to learn in today's video class with Luke. All you need are some little hands and a piece of paper - what could be simpler?!

When you've built your plane why not set up a paper plan competition between your child's friends over zoom or whatsapp too? The rules could be as simple:

1. Design and Style

This is great for anyone who wants to decorate their creation but remember anything that weighs the plane down will potentially make it less likely to fly, or more likely....a great way to explore the impact of weight in aerodynamics!

2. Distance travelled

Near or far, up or down - how far can your invention go before it crashes?

3. Time spent in the air

Does one design stay airborne longer than another? Does time spent in the air mean more distance travelled?

Watch Luke's masterclass in 3 types of paper planes below...

For further ideas of how to extend this simple activity Scholastic has some great facts about aerodynamics. And you if you need some inspiration to get started we were amazing by the trick flying in this YouTube video, we think your children will be too!

We hope you have a pleasant flight!

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