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How to diffuse a tantrum in five minutes

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Okay, we've got your attention, and, isn't that half the battle with a tantrum? While we know that it will help them, how exactly can you introduce mindfulness to a small child, especially when they are not quite in control of their emotions yet.

We asked Ciaran Ivanovic, the founder of Mindful Kids London, to help us out with some useful and practical tools to help children of all ages help navigate life's demands and discover the peace and calm within themselves. 

How to diffuse a tantrum using mindful breathing for parent & child

We have all no doubt experienced moments when our child has had a full-blown tantrum which has left us spinning, but what can we do to help diffuse these types of tantrums quickly and effectively? 

Breathing like a dragon...

I'd like to share with you two types of mindful breathing - 3:5 breathing for parents and Dragon breathing for children. Both are calming and effective, and easy enough to practice in the heat of the moment. Mindful breathing has been proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies and lower our blood pressure, leaving us feeling calmer and more in control of how we're feeling.

Here's my video taking you through each step...

Ciaran Ivanovic is founder of Mindful Kids and is based in NW London where she lives with her husband and three children. Ciaran has been collaborating with Maggie and Rose since November 2019 when she gave a talk to parents during Children's Mental Health Awareness week about the benefits of mindfulness for children. She is delighted to be sharing some of her mindful breathing techniques with Maggie & Rose families.

For more information on Mindful Kids or to contact Ciaran, go to Mindful Kids

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