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How to create a calm corner for your child

Updated: Jan 6

Today we're handing over to Ciaran Ivanovic, the wonderfully calm founder of Mindful Kids, to share one of her top tips for supporting your child when they need some help in calming down. There's practical tips in her video as well as links to buy the props and products Ciaran suggests.

"Most of us have experienced stressful moments with our children and have ended up telling them to, 'calm down!'. However by telling our kids to calm down without actually showing them how to, means that we're expecting them to self-regulate and return to a calm state of mind all on their own. This is not easy for kids to do (let alone for us parents!) which is why a calm down corner can help.

A calm down corner is a quiet space in your home away from the hustle and bustle of everything. Somewhere for your child to go and explore their feelings in a safe and healthy way when they're feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated or worried.

A quiet corner of a living room or your child's bedroom will work well. Some kids love crawling into an enclosed space (it can make them feel safe) so if you have an indoor teepee, do try it. Alternatively create a comfy nest using cushions and pillows. Try to make your calm down corner appealing!

In my video I talk you through items and ideas for you and your child to engage with in this safe place. Scroll down afterwards if you would like more information as well as links and resources to build your own safe calm down corner in your home.

Build your own unique calm down corner