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How to build self-esteem in your child

While many of us are juggling home-schooling and work, we thought we would ask our Head of Curriculum here at Maggie & Rose, Lucy Prew, for some guidance around building our children's self-esteem. Because however clever we get at managing their google classroom lessons, assemblies and assignments, we're about as far from being teachers, as we are from piloting a Space Shuttle!

Lucy explains that what, and how, our child will learn is entwined in how we teach them to manage failure, mistakes and the notion of being perfect.

"The phrase 'self-esteem' is often used when describing another human being’s level of confidence and general understanding of their own emotional state of mind and wellbeing. As parents you will have seen that teachers often describe a child’s level of self-esteem in school reports, or for children in the early years you will note that it's an area that is observed and commented on. You might wonder what it really means and how can you support your child’s level of self-esteem no matter how big or small they are. Everyday there are simple and easy ways in which we can all contribute to building emotionally healthy children and young people, by helping them become resilient and confident learners.

Here at Maggie & Rose, our ultimate goals are to help children concrete their understanding of the subject at hand which we do in the following ways:

1 Help children enjoy learning

2 Ensure children feel secure to explore how they are learning

3 Encourage them to ask the question '`why am I learning this?