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How to be a superhero parent

It is a truth universally acknowledged, to paraphrase the great Jane Austen, that the most superhero-y of them all are of course, parents. Fighting injustice, crime (who did steal that last flapjack...) and righting wrongs everywhere 24/7. Our unique play and learn video classes designed for little ones and their grown ups, this week looks at the fantastic world of the superhero.

For small children, playing superheroes is recognised as an important learning opportunity where they can safely experience a little of the power that we adults must feel in our grown up world. Putting the super in hero, let's them also explore morality, as each tiny caped crusader fights 'evil', and restores justice in the world. In between our fabulous classes, don't miss our new updated features for grown ups which will be bringing you parenting views and news, our new children's book club, as well as lifestyle, wellness and product picks to inspire the whole family.

All new features this week on Maggie & Rose

Coming up in our expanded features section we'll be looking at the latest research on child development and pets, as new evidence emerges on the benefits on even very young children in dog owning homes. We're delving into the weird, and wobbly world of Parent Imposter Syndrome, that horrible moment when you feel like you are completely unqualified to look after your own child. In our new Tuesday Book Club we'll be sharing some of our favourite superhero books which break the mould of traditional heroes. Picks include a superhero boy with cerebral palsy, a determined little girl rescuing animals, and a group of kids saving the planet from plastic. And since many of us find ourselves staycationing this summer, we're garden-bound looking at fantasy treehouses and more to make your outside space sing!

This week's spectacular superhero classes

All our video classes are designed to provide a wealth of learning outcomes for your children. Here what's coming up in our classes this week on Maggie & Rose.me.

Monday 10.30am: Mini Musicians: Superheroes Superheroes need a theme song, so we’ll be listening to some for inspiration and testing out our superhero voices and movements.

Tuesday 10.30am: Messy Masters Art: Sign of a Hero It’s time to design our superhero emblem to adorn our costumes! Little ones can choose a shape from our templates and decide which colours they will use as they practice their cutting, painting and splatting skills. Wednesday 10.30am: Make & Make Believe: Superhero Secret Identity Superheroes often need to hide their true identity from the world – which disguise will you choose?

Thursday 10.30am: Mini Musicians: Songs for Real Life Heroes It’s true that not all superheroes wear capes, today’s music class features some uplifting tunes to help us celebrate all the heroes in our lives as we sing, play and dance along.

Friday 10.30am: Messy Masters Art: Eco Superhero Outfits Our eco superhero outfits upcycle materials you already have at home and can be decorated however you choose – perfect for flying off on those all-important missions.

Have a curious, creative and extraordinary week on the Maggie & Rose hub.

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