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How to be a Play Inventor ...on Maggie & Rose Life

Updated: Jan 6

Children have the most extraordinary imaginations. As the brilliant Sir Ken Robinson said,

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original".

So isn't it our responsibility, as parents, to nuture that raw delight in invention, and encourage their incredible creativity whenever we can?

To that end, we are delighted to introduce an exciting new opportunity for all those creative growing minds out there because we are looking for Play Inventors up to the age of 10, to send us their ideas. If your child has a brilliant idea for a game with Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley, then we want it. Here are Luke and Sara with all the details.

And if you need some ideas, why not watch the results from our very first Play Inventor Sam, he contacted us with his brilliantly creative suggestion and Luke and Sara were only too happy to oblige.

Maggie & Rose Life are proud to present our very first kid created video below...

Hide & Seek with Luke, Sara, Maggie, Rose, Oscar & Bentley

Kid-created by Sam

If your child has a play invention for Luke, Sara and the gang, then you can email us your audio file or email to editorial@maggieandrose.com, Or give us a shout on one of our social channels.


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