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Get ready for this super cool kids zumba video class

Today's activity class with our guest partners is a Zumba class from dance and yoga teaching sister act, The Kindness Curriculum.

Kate and Laura Boniface are sisters and founders of The Kindness Curriculum. Kate Boniface is a Primary School Teacher and children's Yoga instructor and Laura is a Primary Schools Speech and Language Therapist trained to teach Mindfulness and Zumba programmes in schools.

Through early intervention, Kate and Laura strive to nurture children who grow up practising kindness and compassion to themselves, others and their communities. Their journey towards The Kindness Curriculum began after experiencing family bereavement as young teenagers. This experience taught Kate and Laura the importance of their mental health, self-care and in particular being kind to themselves. Now knowing the benefits that mindfulness and movement bring to their lives, they reflect on their education and childhood as a missed opportunity for learning these tools. It is this that motivates them to provide children with the space to explore and develop language for their feelings; whilst having access to the support they need to feel happy inside their minds and bodies.

“Teaching children to be kind to themselves is the first and most important step in being kind to others”