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Four ways to purify your home

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This week we're looking at ways to purify your space, as we try to counteract some of the less pleasant environmental factors associated with modern life. The first step is to throw open your windows and let the fresh air in (unless you are living on a busy A road of course), accumulated dust on carpets, rugs and soft furnishings, as well as chemicals from many of the harsh cleaning products we use, can linger in rooms that don't get aired often. But don't fret, there are some easy ways to bring the breath back inside. Here are four of our favourites...

1. Bring in the green

Being out in nature is scientifically proven to improve our sense of wellbeing, and looking around your home, you would be right in thinking that introducing house plants will only help that feeling of wellness even more. The jury is still out on whether they can purify the air we breath inside, but it does make sense if you've learned anything about photosynthesis. Regardless of the type of indoor space, including the right plants has the potential to boost health benefits both psychologically and physically.

To make a real difference to your home and hopefully impact on the air quality in your home, you will need more than a cheeky little succulent in your living room or kitchen. The bigger the leaves, the more impact you'll get so whether you are purely architectural aesthetic, or prefer your greenery to be big and blousy, think big. The good news is that there's heaps of easy to grow foliage houseplants, with attractive leaves and an ability to withstand the environmental conditions typically encountered indoors (tolerance of shade and fluctuating temperatures). In addition, they are usually inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Spiders, ferns and palms

Spider, Dragon, Rubber plants, Boston fern (pictured) , Bamboo palms, Peace lily, Aspidistras and Fern Arums are all good plants to consider having indoors. The science is not yet in on whether they really can help purify the air inside your home, but they will certainly leave you feeling more in tune with your planet.

We love the easy navigation of plant experts Hortology, whose mantra is "We believe in the power of plants to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air".

Choose from an array of options including retro, trendy, trailing, easy care, and 'hard to kill' plants (we kid you not!) this brand wants to help you make your home greener, ASAP.

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2. Consider getting an air purifier

As the rise in allergies seems to continue, it might be worth considering an air purifier, particularly if anyone in your family suffers with regular hay fever or dust allergies. One of the top rated models the Philips AC3033/30 Series 3000i Air Purifier which promises to "...guarantee you peace of mind about the quality of air in your home".

They also claim the their filters can remove 99.97% of airborne allergens, pollen, fine dust, odours, fine particles and bacteria.

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3. Filter your water

If you haven't already got your family a water filter, your first choice is between one for your water supply or one for drinking water only. There's of course a price impact but if you live in a hard water area, you will save on replacing parts in your washing machine and dishwasher

If you want the Big Daddy of water filters, the I Spring Rcc7 High Capacity Under Sink model gets solidly good reviews. This is a water filter and water softener in one and claims to remove up to 99% of over a thousand contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, hormones and more. You can fit this yourself in a couple of hours the makers claim, and it's guaranteed for a year.

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The best counter top water filter

What we love the most about the Zero Water filter is the little digital test stick that comes with it for you to test the amount of contaminants the filter removes. Your water should test zero for contaminants, and as the individual filters get used up you will be able to test your drinking water to see at what stage it needs changing. It's addictive, and the water tastes amazing.

4. Create a Sacred Space

Discovered on a particularly helpful meander around the aisles of our local Planet Organic, Findhorn Essences are made in Scotland and are 100% organic and natural. So whatever shape your home is in, even if you are surrounded by chaos, one spritz of this mist will deliver wellbeing straight to your senses. Made with water, rose oil and Frankincense, this sacred scent was developed to clear your physical space to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Our current favourite is the Peace and Harmony spray. Who can argue with getting a little dose of that in our world right?

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