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Five quick and easy Halloween games for kids

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I spy with my spooky eye, something beginning with P! Yes, it's as easy as spotting pumpkins in October to come up with some fun (and sort of free) games for you and your children to play at Halloween (indoors) this year. Print out pumpkins and haunted houses galore to decorate your home, and they won't even notice that this year is a little different.

The jewel in our Halloween Games crown is our very own video-led Fantastic Pumpkin Hunt ( number 3 in our list today ), provide your own treats..

1 Halloween 'I spy'

* Pumpkins * skeletons *ghosties * witches * monsters and more... just make sure you've got all the necessary nasties around the house for your child to write down (or tick off your already preparing, terrifying list!).

2 The Leaning Tower of Fear!!!

This tooth-achingly good game is perfect for any size or shape of biscuit, although the flatter they are, the higher you can stack them and the more thrills you will all have when they come crashing down. The winner eats them all ( or actually, just a bite of one - let's not let this get out of control!).

3 The Terrifying treasure hunt of DOOOOOOOOM!!!!

Hiding sweets and chocolates around the house can play havoc with your carpets, pets and general sense of unease so why not plant your scary but scrumptious edibles in cunningly clever places and play our fantastic Pumpkin Treasure Hunt. Be a superhero parent in three easy steps:

1 Plant the treats ...in each of the following clue spots

1 Sink

2 Bed

3 Shoes

4 Dishes

5 Fridge

6 Broom

2 Play the video

...and be ready to pause it if your child takes longer than the 10 seconds per clue we've allowed. Nobody wants to be a petrified Halloween party pooper do they?

3 Sit back and watch

...as your children tear around the house trying to figure out the clues and catch the candy!

Click here or on the creepy key below to go to the video and play.

4 Pin the spider on the web

It's time to draw, and cut, and stick, and win - all in one spooky spider game. Together, draw a giant spiders web, you can decorate it with exciting treats for your Halloween spider friend if you can do this on a big piece of paper all the better, then stick it to the wall. If it's dry in the garden, it might be fun to try it outdoors. Then give each child their own sticky spider. You can either find a template online to print out and colour or get them to design their own on paper and then cut out and pop some blue tack, or glue to the back. Then it's on with a scary blindfold, add a track from our excellent Halloween playlist and off you go The nearest to the centre of the web, wins the carrot stick! We're kidding of course.

The winner gets a yummy prize of your choosing.

5. Muscial Zombies

A twist on the classic musical chairs and statues with added zombie lurches around the living room. Extra points ( and points make sweeties ) for scariest zombie moves - arms out, moaning, groaning, limbs flopping about ). When the scary music ( click here for playlist ideas ) tops the zombies have to pose in awkward zombie positions. First zombie to move is out of the game.

Don't forget!

There's lots more Halloween fun available from downloadable print and colour in pumpkins to craft video classes like How to make your own Ghost leaf family and Spooky Spider chocolate truffles and great ideas for Healthy Halloween treats.

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