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Five non-negotiable treats for work from home mums

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

If you are lucky enough to still work from home it's time to treat yourself for getting this far. In a world still reeling from the pandemic and most of us, still not entirely sure a second wave isn't coming, let's breathe out and take a minute to be nice to ourselves. The kids are back in school, and that at least means no more interruptions (apart from the parcel guy, veg box or post) from 9 to 3 at least.

A home office (or portion of the kitchen table not covered in Weetabix plops) is not complete without a zen candle. Whatever your budget, this is one treat guaranteed to soothe the soul and coax a smile out of us to dazzle in that team zoom call.

The scent

IRUSU translates to 'pretend to not be home when someone knocks at your door.' This little beauty was named the top pick in the Independent's Ten best non toxic candles. Affordable and sustainable at £25.00 (which gives you a heaven-scent cost per hour burning time of just over £1.50).

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The sweat top

Okay, so we buy a version of this every season, but is there any other piece of clothing that works so hard to look on trend, whilst feeling like your favourite pyjama top? We're loving Selfish Mother's now iconic sweatshirts. Choose from Mother, Mama and Winging it (but maybe keep the last option for Telcons only!

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The harem pants

Hush does these brilliantly, and let's face it working from home equals comfy elasticated waist bottoms. We wouldn't go quite so far as to stay in our PJ bottoms under our desk, but these supersoft harem pants score well on the fashion front and feel just effortless.

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The 'I'm really worth this' necklace

Lest we forget we are working and running a family, it makes perfect sense to us that we would be treating ourselves to a beautiful piece of jewellery to mark our sheer brilliance!

We're loving the ethical brands designing unusual and heirloom pieces. Right now this is the one that we want, partly because it's 24 ct gold rustic simplicity is so stunning, and partly because the way Alighieri's stories weave some more magic around each of their hand crafted pieces.

The Red Rock Necklace is inspired by T.S.Elliot's The Wasteland and his depictions of a shaky but victorious post-war London (sound familiar?), this collection invites you to find pockets of love, in friendship and connection in the midst of our modern day waste land. And with ten percent of online sales going to women's domestic abuse charity Refuge, they're worth it too.

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How do you like your coffee?

We all know that starting work, after getting children up, dressed and safely dropped at nursery or school is like eating one sunday dinner when you've just had your trifle. So, we also want to take a moment to pay homage to our secret weapon - coffee. And, when we saw that there was a way to get our caffeine in, generously spread across a finely baked chunk of sourdough, well, who couldn't smash their day after scoffing that? If you haven't heard of Artisan Du Chocolat, and you are a fan of either the chocolate or the coffee bean, you've been missing out. Their bewitchingly inventive brains have now come up with a coffee spread you can eat. The caramel Macchiato version has been sold out for weeks, but you can still get your hands on a jar of the flat brew coffee if you're quick.

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Now you are all set to work your socks off. Let us know what treats you're hankering after this month by emailing us at editorial @maggieandrose.com

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