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Five great books for fashionable kids

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Sweetie, it's nearly Fashion Week in London, and, Darling where would we be without it? As we pack our little sweethearts off each morning in their pristine (for now) school uniforms, I am sure more than one of us wondered where all their exquisite individuality had gone? Personally, I still pine for the days when my son wore goggles in the rain because, duh! Or when my daughter wouldn't go anywhere without her squeaky shoes (much to the delight of the neighborhood dogs). So, from baby to big kid, here are our favourite fashion-embracing children's books for you and your little ones to revel in.

Coco Chanel

by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara(author),Ana Albero(illustrator)

Part of the briliant Little People, Big Dreams series this is one dedicated to the iconic legend, Coco Chanel. She of the black dress, pearls and generous advice (which we often forget in our enthusiastic dressing up moments).

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

Coco Chanel

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Goat's coat

by Tom Percival, illustrated by Christine Pym

It may not be couture, Alfonzo the goat couldn't be happier.

He's just got himself a dashingnew coat and he feels like a million dollars. But when he discovers some creatures in need of help, will Alfonzo be able to part with his treasured possession to save the day?

Let me tell you the tale of Alfonzo the goat,

Who was terribly fond of his lovely new coat ...

The perfect picture-book pick-me-up showing that love, kindness and friendship make the best recipe for happiness. Goat still very much loves her red coat and Fox loves his spotty socks - but he wants Goat's coat too, and sets out to steal it from her. Will Goat and Fox ever be able to find a compromise to keep them both happy?

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The Proudest Blue

A story of hijab and family

by Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali

This book choice is about what you wear, but it's less about fashion and more about our rich diverse cultures, and differences.

She became known as the first woman to wear a hijab while competing for the US at the Olympics. Fencing medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad's story is an uplifting tale of courage, bullying, pride and sibling love. Beautifully illustrated, The Proudest Blue brings important issues vividly to life for small readers.

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Clothing of the World

by Nancy Loewen

A wonderful whistlestop tour around the world looking at how what we wear can help us express who we are, and where we're from.

We wear clothing to protect ourselves from the environment, to celebrate special occasions, to honour traditions, and to express ourselves! With simple, rhyming text and vibrant photographs, this book celebrates our global heritage.

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Mary wears what she wants

Keith Negley

Once upon a time (but not too long ago), girls only wore dresses. And only boys wore pants (or trousers as we call them here).

This is a story about a young girl named Mary who wanted to wear whatever she wanted. Inspired by the true story of Mary Edwards Walker, a trailblazing doctor who was arrested many times for wearing pants, this charming picture book encourages young readers to think for themselves, while gently challenging gender and societal norms. Not just for girls, this is a story that encapsultes being who you want to be.

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If you have book choices you would love to share, we'd love guest picks on a future Book Club, just email us at editorial@maggieandrose.com

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