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Five completely genius ideas for spooky Halloween treats 2020

Halloween is coming and as much as we love a warming bowl of pumpkin soup, it's not always the most thrilling of prospects for the younger members of the family. We've scoured the internet, over a plate of florentines and some herbal tea, to bring you a few of our favourite spooky Halloween treats and ideas discovered amongst the brilliant minds of the blogosphere. Countdown to 31st? We are not afraid, bring it on!

1 Cheat yourself some glow in the dark eyeball cupcakes

From the clever lot at the The Inspiration edit comes a Halloween cupcake recipe we can all manage since the cake bit is bought ( although clearly you can bake them yourselves ). The added bonus of these spooky cakes is that the quite revolting decorations will keep your children happy for quite some time.

You will need cupcakes, frosting ( which you can buy ready-made ), glow in the dark bracelets, food colouring and decorating gel. Far from healthy, but isn't that what Halloween is all about?

Find the recipe at The Inspiration edit

2 How to make your own jelly worms

We can't imagine how this can even be possible without a magic spell book and a good wind, but the wizards at family blog The Gingerbread House are passing the baton of glory into our hands with this ingenious Halloween spooky recipe.

All you need is jelly cubes, a mixing jug and some straws.

Find the recipe at The Gingerbread House

3 How to make your own edible golden snitch

It was only a question of time before someone came up with this clever idea. For every Ron-Abbe out there, we bring you an extremely yummy chocolate golden snitch. Note to all - it only flies if you actually throw it. Party Delights are the brains behind this Halloween idea. All you need is a box of Ferrero and the all-important ( downloadable ) wings.

Print your own free downloadable Ferrero Rocher golden snitch wings here at Party Delights

4 Melting Mummies aka the Mummy Bark recipe

Blogger, writer and clever witch ( we mean this as a massive complement by the way ) This Mummy's Always Write calls these amazing sweet treats 'Mummy Bark'. Whatever you want to call them, they look delicious!

All you need is: white candy melts, candy eyes and some Oreo biscuits.

Find the recipe at This Mummy's Always Write

5 Healthy vegan witches fingers biscuits

If you are a vegan family, or know one, they will adore these creepy 'bloodied' and completely dairy-free witches fingers.

from culinary legend Vegerasta

Ingredients are: vegan butter, coconut sugar, egg replacement, vanilla extract, spelt flour, baking powder salt, blanched almonds and raspberry jam!

Head off to Vegerasta for the spooky recipe

So that's it for our roundup of some of the best spooky Halloween treats in the blogosphere - if you find any more great ideas, do let us know all about it on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram.

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